15+Easy Instant Pot Recipes For Busy Nights

Do you want some easy & delicious cooker recipes to add to your menu for the coming weeks? Of course, you want to make these chilly nights so romantic and time spending with family. So, let’s come to grab a few Instant Pot Recipes!

Whenever you short on time, choose one of these and get a flavorful, delicious homemade meal ready on your dining table under only 30 minutes.

The busy schedule tiredness will end up with the help of your electric pressure cooker. This can be your best friend because when you’re drowsy and need to get your dinner super fast on the table. It helps you the best to complete your task.

Are you ready for a tsunami (just kidding) to cook up some delicious & easy dishes? With these Easy Instant Pot Recipes like fun appetizers, flavor-packed beef or chicken dinners, savory soups, and healthy snacks all are ready in no time on your dining table.

Guess what is the best part of these recipes… many of these are only 5 ingredient Instant Pot Recipes! How? I’m going to tell you how easy these are?

Do you have an Instant Pot? If you have not purchased yet. I recommend the 6 quarts Instant Pot Duo the best model I have!

The time is to grab your pressure cooker and try some of these Instant Pot Recipes! And enjoy your dinner.

25+Easy & Tasty Instant Pot Recipes For Busy Nights

 Chinese Lemon Chicken (Via Pressure Cooker Today)

My hubby is a big fan of this recipe. It doesn’t mean heading our favorite Chinese restaurant. I have learned this recipe via pressure cooking today. Since I decided I just create my own recipe with the help of instant pot. And I did!

In Chinese restaurants, it will be served with deep-fried and in a stick yellow sauce. But I wanted a little healthier option for my kids and hubby. So I skipped deep frying and made this dish with a lemon flavor with a hint of heat.

The chicken breast pieces smothered in a sweet and tangy lemon sauce and you get the classy taste like a restaurant! It’s so easy to make at home! You can add some steamed rice and veggies for a complete meal for the whole family. Damn all love it!

1, Chicken Lazone Instant Pot Recipe (Via Damn Delicious)

The yummy, mouth-watering recipe loved by the whole family. Chicken breasts with butter-fried in a pan and seasoning what herbs you have at home! Served with cream sauce! You’ll never forget the taste of this creamy recipe.

Whether you gulp it down, slurp it with a spoon or served on the pasta or noodles. You like it beyond imagination. I Promise. You get the recipe here Damn Delicious.

2. Creamy Chicken and Broccoli over Rice Easy Instant Pot Recipe

I say only WOW for this amazing recipe. This creamy chicken and broccoli over rice easy instant pot recipe easy to make and when you serve it on a dining table, kids gulp it up! Even they don’t wait for you.

This recipe features bite-size chicken pieces with crisp-tender broccoli, smothered in a creamy cheese sauce and served with fluffy rice ready under 30 minutes!

You can get the recipe via Pressure Cooking Today.

3. Chicken Noodle Soup Easy Instant Pot Recipe (Via Delish)

A bowl of hot and tasty chicken noodle soup is always a joyful idea. With other features, you can add onions, carrots, and celery before adding the remaining ingredients.

You wanna add green veggies like spinach or swiss chard, peppers, and parsnips. Now your heart will be bouncing when you take a sip of a hot bowl of soup.

The nice thing is this soup reheats again, only you have to leave out the noodles. Only defrost how much you want to eat. This delicious recipe refreshes you and the link is Delish!

4. Instant Pot Roast & Potatoes (Via Delish)

Instant Pots are great as they cook for us instantly. Now if we are talking about roasting. It can tenderize our chicken SOOO quickly. What would take normally an hour, in case if the roast is frozen then add 20 to 30 minutes more to the total timing?

Red or white wine can work amazingly for pot roast, just apply it on the drier side. We recommend bold reds like cabernets or zinfandels which can hold the strong beef flavor of the roast pot roast.

Now you’re going to roast, make this and 75+ other easy recipes via. Party In An Instant Pot Book by delish.amazone

5. Instant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs

Reason for boiling eggs in the instant pot, they’re a lot easier to peel than their traditional way of boiling. This makes you spend more time eating your eggs and less time wrangling with tough shells.

Now you can chop the egg salad over toast and your dinner is ready. Isn’t it easy? Get the recipe via

6. Instant Pot Chili (via Delish)

Do you know what instant pot does for us? It takes the legwork of standing and stirring over the stove forever. All think this recipe takes hours to cook. But our instant pot makes it easy to cook easily.

The instant pot chili is a blend of beef, beans and, spices, all stir together in cooker until tender and flavorful. It will come out all it’s delicious! The recipe for chili via delish.

7. Instant Pot Risotto (Via Delish)

Yummy, mouth-watering Creamy risotto with softened mushrooms and cheese seems like a dish ordered in a restaurant instead of made at home.

The dish is cooked very quickly and easily in a pressure cooker. Otherwise, it took a lot of time if we make it traditionally by stirring for hours. But now with the help of instant pot, you can make it more often. Already I told you that instant pot takes all of the arm workouts of making risotto.

8. Instant Pot Butter Chicken (Recipe Via Jocooks)

Typically Indian style delicious Instant Pot Butter Chicken recipe that can be cook within 30 minutes. If your doubt of instant pot can develop flavors as rich as the traditional ways. This recipe is the perfect dish to clear your doubts.

This chicken is full of butter and all delicious spices deliver the taste of Indian recipe and incredibly popular restaurant dish. Try once at your home. You’ll never forget its fragrance and taste.

9. Instant Pot Beef Stew(Via thesaltymarshmallow)

This mouthwatering Instant Pot Beef Stew recipe must win your heart in the first bite only. Instant pot makes this recipe easy to cook. There is no need to wait for stew meat to tenderize for hours because your instant pot can do that job within 1/2 hour.

After tenderize, the beef is simmered with flavored broth and veggies. This tastes so amazing and no need to simmering the beef away for hours, it only takes half an hour. Your all hard is done by the instant pot. Really, instant pot makes our life cool and our chill nights too ;-).

10. Instant Pot Potato Soup (via Delish)

It’s super easy and healthy recipe can be made within minutes, No. need to boil potatoes only throwing everything in the instant pot and it will make a delicious soup for you within 40 minutes. Isn’t it magic!

11. Instant Pot Chicken Wings(Via Delish)

Do you love chicken wings? What a silly question I’m asking! Obviously, everybody loves crispy boneless chicken melt in the mouth with favorite sauces.

Instant Pot Chicken Wings recipe is the easiest and delicious recipe that can be served on the dining table with no time. Your instant pot gets your chicken wings cooked through easily.

The favorable thing is that no worry if you have thaw chicken. You have your magical lamp – instant pot. It can make all the things move smoothly through the kitchen.

12. Instant Pot Mashed Potato (via thesaltymarshmallow)

Simple, delicious and quick made instant pot mashed potatoes are the rich and creamy recipes. If you love old fashioned mashed potatoes then this is perfect for you. The dish is ready in 20 minutes with the help of an instant pot.

13. Instant Pot Shredded Chicken(via Delish)

The Instant Pot makes it perfectly tender and juicy chicken and the salsa verde makes it flavorful and delicious with a nice fragrance. It is the quickest and easiest way to have a healthy chicken dinner.

If you have not tried this then hurry up head to kitchen and try this easy recipe. I know you like it the most and will try it again and again. There is no need to defrosting the meat. Your Instant Pot does all itself.

14. Sausage Soup (via Taste of Home)

It’s always a beautiful idea of enjoying a pot of some hot delicious soup on a cold night. Low carb soups are a bit heavier than the other soups.

Whenever you have to do late-night work, heavy meals make you feel sleepy. Here the soup is the best option. And leftovers can be used the next day if you cook in mass quantity.

These recipes are enough for the cold nights. If you like any of these please share the post with your near and dear and write in the comment box which one you like the most!